All I See is Code 5: Utriusque Cosmi:

Geometry Backdrop

Witness, mortal:

Laid out before thine eyes, two cognitive worlds: the homogenized amalgam, and the quantized, distinct particulates. And both, very real. For out of chaos, order and meaning emerges. In the eerie world of preons, quarks and leptons, a trillion realities form every attosecond. And a mere nanosecond later, all but a few cease existing once again.

They appear akin to bubbles in an 11-dimensional continuum.

But for every three billion such bubbles formed, a single, lone bubble rebels against the very laws of annihilation, and breaks down to real, tangible Lorentzian manifolds, vector bosons, metric tensors… and time. And hence, a new reality is born.

A new universe comes into existence.

Billions of years later, through mindless iteration of fundamental interactions, part of this new reality gains consciousness, and sentience, and eventually, quite inevitably, ponders on its origins. It ponders on the misty past, and on the effervescent present, and on the incoming future. And it splits into two, then a hundred, then a billion entities, and all these interact with each other, cognitively.

A brand new market of thoughts is thus hatched. And with it, an infinity of possibilities. For the conscious mind is unbound. It can stretch, and embrace the biggest, the deepest, and the most timeless, of ideas. And in time, all these billions of minds come together, and think new abstractions of reality, into existence.

Behold, all I see is code.