Dare to Dream 3: The Aleph Gardens


Take me to your Aleph Gardens, Aglaea;


For lo, I envision your realms: full of infinities and power towers. I would like to walk on the lush banks of River Transcendence, and idly meander in and out of profundities and sentimentalities. Bring me face to face with the Time Kraken, show me how you slew it, and laid it at your elegant feet. Show me the coveted Achilles Heel of Times Past, and Times Yet to Be. Let me plunge far into the future, and emerge into a time far in the past, unscathed. I want to see my own temporal profiles – all thousands, and millions, of effervescent backsides, broadsides, and front-sides, as my mortal-self paid obeisance to the Time Kraken.   Cover me with your timeless cape; hide me from the sting of mortality.


In various astral and etheric voyages, I have had a glimpse of your Aleph Gardens, Aglaea. And have, time and again, experienced a most inimitable qualia – one that, quite certainly, can’t be described in mere human words. The Aleph Gardens number up in a countably infinite sequence, starting from Aleph “Naught”, to Aleph “Unary”, all the way up to Aleph “Lemniscate”. But alas, to my impoverished, mortal eyes, the actual interactions between these gardens remain too complex to resolve visually. What I can perceive, however, breaks down into a relatively simple relationship between all gardens, and their singleton domiciles, as follows:



Pray tell, Aglaea: does my humble formula hold true for all of your gardens?


Despite the rather abstract foundations for your gardens, Aglaea, I’ve beheld, in all the various Aleph planes, beauty of a manner and instance that surpasses any other mortal indulgence. There is, for example, the magnificent rainbow that arcs all the way from Point Alabah, in Aleph “Septenary”, to Point Netophar, in Aleph “Vigesimal”. And oh, what an enchanting spectrum this rainbow harbors! Aero, Crimson, Almond, Bisque, Onyx, Terra Cotta, Zaffre, Tuscan, Tangelo, Sapphire, Pumpkin… and a host of other hues that don’t even have an earthly name. Up the various gardens, the spectrum shimmers, scintillates and literally breathes, weaving and unweaving the most hypnotic wisps of color.


Then there are the ubiquitous symphonies, streaming softly all over the ethereal realms of the Aleph Gardens. Symphonies with the most unusual time-signatures; at various times, listening to them, I’ve found myself suffering a distinct alienation, as the constantly-shifting tempos undulate in the most counter-intuitive manner. The perceptible tessituras also keep spanning through all the three human clefs – the F, C and G-clefs – yet the resultant timbre feelsdeeply harmonized, and not at all decohered. The nearest earthly analogue that I’ve ever experienced emanated from a certain Humpback Whale, off the East Coast of Australia, whose unusual vocal signatures are still the subject of numerous research papers… 20 years after it died, childless.


Perhaps my mortal status prevents me from really comprehending the Aleph Gardens, Aglaea. Perhaps, in a sense, all my interpretations of the Aleph Gardens are wrong, since I can only use my human senses to try and comprehend that which is woefully beyond human experience. If this is the case, then pardon me, Aglaea. Mine is but a small, microscopic, attempt to comprehend eternity, and boundlessness. It is but an extension of this very human need to reach forth, beyond my physical shell, into the very soul of the cosmos. And it is upon this need, Aglaea, that I implore you, once again:


Take me to your Aleph Gardens.


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